IPv6/VOIP Working Group


The LEARN IPv6/VOIP working group is to work on IPv6/VOIP and first deploy IPv6 and VOIP in their own institutes.

Final target is to see the users in their campus networks can access Internet IPv6 resources and to make sure their resources are also available over IPv6. The WG will thereafter support to deploy IPv6 in neighboring institutes. It will also work for deployment of VOIP (SIP) in their institutes connecting their conventional telephone system to the VOIP system. Then it will work for calls to the other institutes to be routed through the LEARN SIP gateway.

The IPv6/VOIP WG was formed at the Annual NOC Meeting 2014 held at Information Technology Center University of Peradeniya on 23rd January 2014.

to discuss relevant IPv6/VOIP technologies
to make resource available over IPv6
feasibility study of deploy IPv6 on existing hardware
to identify hardware upgrade requirements and provide necessary recommendations
to discuss configuration details
to have institutes-wide collaboration


Chair: Senevi Herath, LEARN NOC

Secretory: Kaushalya Viraji, LEARN

1.Chamindra Attanayake, UCSC
2.Dasun Lokuhetty, OU
3.Chandana Wimalarathne, UoR
4.Nipuna Suduwella, UoC
5.Malaka Udawata, UoM
6.Thilina Pathirana, UoK
7.Shriparen, UoJ
8.Harshapriya Rajakaruna, RJT
9.IM Kalith, SEUSL
10.Chamika Ranasinghe, SAB
11.Pathum Kathriarachchi, KDU
12.Mohamed Irshad, SEUSL
13.Suresh Rohitha, SJP

Mailing list: ipv6voipwg AT learn.ac.lk

1. The first meeting was held on 09th July 2014 at 9.00am.

    a. Current status of deployment of both IPv6 and VOIP in member institutes was reviewed
    b. Technical matters and knowledge requirements were discussed
    c. Decided to configure IPv6 on the servers of the institutes to make web services are available over IPv6 and mails can be transferred over IPv6
    d. Also decided to check the IPv6 capability of L3 device of their own institutes
    e. Decided to install a IP PBX (asterisk) with few phone extensions in each institute and get calls routing via LEARN SIP gateway

2. The second meeting was held on 06th May 2016 with LEARN Annual NOC Meeting

    a. Current status of deployment of institutions were reviewed. U of Kelaniya was identified to be the first Institute that IPv6 has fully deployed.
    b. Few institutes has partial development.