Multicast deployment in LEARN

The core of the LEARN Network is now multicast enabled. Both IPv4 and IPv6 multicasting are supported.

Access routers at all the sites listed in the table below (connected via optical fiber links provided by SLT and/or 2Mbps links provided by Suntel) have been configured to support multicasting. This will enable hosts on the IP network directly connected to the LEARN access router to run multicast applications.

A number of video streams are now being multicast for testing purposes. We encourage all the sites to test whether they can receive the streams, and report to us for updating this page. Instructions for testing are available online.

The status of receiving and transmitting multicast streams at each multicast-enabled site is listed below.

1 LEARN Servers at IDC 1,7 Yes IPv4 udp://@
IPv6 udp://@[ff08::2]:1234/
Weekdays 09:00 to 17:00 600kbps
2 U of Colombo
3 U of Kelaniya
4 U of Moratuwa
5 Open U
6 U of Moratuwa
7 U of Peradeniya 1,7 Yes IPv4 udp://@
IPv6 udp://@[ff08::40]:1234/
Weekdays 09:00 to 17:00 600kbps
8 Rajarata U
8 U of Ruhuna
9 Sabaragamuwa U
10 U of Sri Jayewardenapura
11 Uwa Wellass U
12 Wayamba U
13 University Grants Commission