IPv6 Deployment

The core of the LEARN Network supports IPv6, with the exception of about 5 sites sites connected through the IP-VPN network of Sri Lanka Telecom.

We have obtained a provider-independent IPv6 address space 2401:DD00::/32 from APNIC, and are peering with Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) on IPv6 since Oct 2008. We are peering with the TEIN3 Network since April 2010. The peering with the TEIN3 network includes IPv6 multicast routing.

The core servers of the LEARN network and some campus networks are already running IPv6 (see the table below).

Access routers at all the sites listed in the table below are IPv6 ready. Therefore at least the hosts/servers on the IP network directly connected to the LEARN access router can run IPv6.

The status of IPv6 deployment in the core of the LEARN network and member sites is shown below.

LEARN Servers at IDC 2401:dd00:1::/64 WEB: http://www.learn.ac.lk/
DNS: 2401:dd00:1::162, 2401:dd00:1::168
SMTP: 2401:dd00:1::163
NTP: 2401:dd00:1::162, 2401:dd00:1::168
SIP: 2401:dd00:1::165, 2401:dd00:1::170
H.323: 2401:dd00:1::170 (MCU supports both SIP and H.323)
U of Moratuwa 2401:dd00:10::/48 WEB: http://www.mrt.ac.lk/
DNS: 2401:dd00:10::97
U of Colombo 2401:dd00:18::/48 WEB: http://www.cmb.ac.lk/, http://www.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk/
DNS: 2401:dd00:18::92
  - Faculty of Medicine -
U of Kelaniya 2401:dd00:20::/48 WEB: http://www.kln.ac.lk/
  - Faculty of Medicine -
U of Sri Jayawardenapura - WEB: http://www.dscs.sjp.ac.lk/, http://ims.sjp.ac.lk/, http://www.vidutube.sjp.ac.lk/
U of Peradeniya 2401:DD00:30::/48 WEB: http://www.pdn.ac.lk/
DNS: 2401:DD00:30::1, 2401:DD00:30::2
SMTP: 2401:DD00:30::1
SIP: 2401:DD00:30::6
  - Information Technology Center -
U of Ruhuna 2401:dd00:38::/48 WEB: http://www.ruh.ac.lk/
  - Faculty of Agriculture 2401:dd00:39::/48 WEB: http://www.agri.ruh.ac.lk/
  - Faculty of Medicine -
  - Faculty of Engineering 2401:dd00:3a::/48 WEB: http://www.eng.ruh.ac.lk/
U of Jaffna 2401:dd00:58::/48
  - Vavuniya Campus -
Eastern U -
  - Faculty of Medicine -
South Eastern U -
  - Faculty of Applied Science -
Open U 2401:dd00:40::/48 WEB: http://www.ou.ac.lk/
University Grants Commission -
Ministry of Higher Education -
  - HETC Project Office -
Sabaragamuwa U 2401:dd00:48::0/48 WEB: http://www.sab.ac.lk/, http://lms.sab.ac.lk/
Wayamba U 2401:dd00:50::0/48
  - Makandura Campus 2401:dd00:51::0/48 WEB: http://www.wyb.ac.lk/
Uwa Wellass U -
Rajarata U 2401:dd00:60::/48 WEB: http://www.rjt.ac.lk/, http://e-learn.rjt.ac.lk/
SMTP: 2401:DD00:60::2
U of Visual & Performing Arts -
  - Horton Place Campus -
  - Kohuwala Campus -
Institute of Fundamental Studies 2401:dd00:400::/48 WEB: http://www.ifs.ac.lk/
Industrial Technology Institute -
Kotelawala Defense University -